Fajri Abdillah

Politicawave Maps

This simple project is my first frontend project, using Leaflet JS. Politics data that owned by mediawave, show on maps. The Data is from twitter dan facebook that has Geo data. Data source is from json which generated daily from the database. When we hover at some province, the data is changing.


At first, playing with frontend code looks hard. But when I'm start digging in this project, it's fun too.

  • Vanilla Javascript

    Until now (2015) I'm not that good with javascript, but the jobs done great

  • Render maps point

    Well, Indonesia is really big, and fortunately we had a maps, that so detail, even with the smallest island, it show on maps. Unfortunately, the size to load this map is about 3mb, I have no choice to turn on Gzip at maximum level.




  • CentOS 5
  • Nginx
  • LeafletJS





Politicawave Maps

Lesson learned

Playing with frontend, was not that bad.