Fajri Abdillah

Mediawave Analytics v1

This project started about August 2010, when I have request to build Social Media Analytics. The project required to capture data from Social Media, like Twitter (mostly), Facebook, News and Forum. News source is only from Indonesia, and only with Indonesian Language. This is my first project using with so many data. More than 10 Millions of Rows. And my last biggest project using Spaghetti Code :(

To collect the data, I use API from those services, and running it every 30 minutes using cronjob. Parsed json string, and inserted into MySQL.


Well, this is my first time I using vanilla PHP for big project, and it's terrible hard to maintain. Had no issue with PHP performance, but it's really hard to maintain the code. No tests too :(

  • MySQL Locking

    Yes, at that moment we still use MyISAM

  • Big Data

    every 30 minutes new data added. Not suprisingly it growing big

  • Multi Session User

    This app has so many user and so many data, with different role

  • Suck GUI

    Yes, the GUI is really suck. I had no idea how to write good UI


2010 - 2011


  • CentOS 5
  • Apache 2.2
  • PHP 5.2
  • MySQL 5.1
  • Jquery
  • HTML + CSS





Lesson learned

If you can't write a good code, just use framework instead, and follow standards.