Fajri Abdillah


ZOUK is the biggest night club in Malaysia. ZOUK want to create a whole new experience in clubbing. Just using smartphone, user can doing a reservation (yes user can choose table beside the DJ), park bottle (custody), order bottle, call uber, attend an event, broadcast message to members, and many more.

EBC stand for Ebizu Business Centre. It's main control panel to manage ZOUK Apps. Mobile Apps is available for Android and iOS.

User who doesn't want to use Mobile Apps can use ZOUK Web, it's similar to mobile apps, only need a web browser.


  • Database Design

    Everyday can have different event price, different ticket price, different minimum bottle purchased, and those all need to be customized.

  • Full OLTP System

    ZOUK EBC is OLTP. CRUD operation must be super fast.

  • Desk Rate

    Admin can set different price for every table with simple user interface.

  • Audit Report

    Money related system is need to be audited, everything happen in the system is logged in database.

  • Report

    Finance repot, desk report, room report, summary report, sales report, and many more.

  • Custom RBAC

    i.e manager can access module Booking, but custodian can not access module Booking.

  • Broadcast Message

    Using this module, system can send message to every zouk user.

  • Bottle Custody

    Using this module, zouk user can easily park their bottle in zouk. So when they come again, the bottle can be retrieved.


2015 Sept - 2016 Jan


  1. Elastic Beanstalk
  3. Yii 2.0.7
  4. Codeception 2

Lesson learned

Build a Dashboard Application using Yii is really fun.