Fajri Abdillah

Ebizu App Publisher Lite

Ebizu App Publisher Lite is smaller and faster version of App Publisher Pro. This version is focused on faster data collecting without changing any app user experience and without draining battery.


  1. Simple & easy SDK implementation for Android & IOS
  2. Monetize without changing user experience, even from inactive users
  3. Fast and scalable data collecting


  • Global Deployment

    Route53 and Terraform to the rescue.

  • Fast Response API

    Node JS is still enough, but not good enough. Planned to use Go Lang.

  • Super Cheap & lowest CPM

    Default Elastic Beanstalk is not having Spot Instance support. Planned to use ECS, so Spot Instance can be utilized.


2017 Jul - 2017 Aug


  1. Route53
  2. EC2 with Elastic Beanstalk (NodeJS)
  3. Application Load Balancer
  4. Yii 2 Framework (Admin Panel on EC2)
  5. Kinesis Firehose & Analytics
  6. S3
  7. Athena & EMR



 S3 Data

 Firehose Stats


Lesson learned

Architecting Big Data Application on top of AWS is awesome.